Friday, December 05, 2008

...smiley faces, Granny Jean and a trip to London

A lot has happened since I last wrote, although it has only been a month it feels much longer. Jessica and I are both doing well and are getting to know each others little quirks. I can't say that the first 6 weeks were tough cause I think Jessica is a pretty good baby but the first smile is so wonderful. Her little face lights up when she smiles and you know it's not just wind!! We are finding our routine and managing to get out of the house most days to visit friends, go to mum's and tots, go to postnatal group and have walks into town when it's not raining! At the moment my days seem so filled with getting out and about, feeding, changing and burping that I find little time for anything else. Housework is a slow process with clothes washing and cooking taking priority.

Granny Jean (Phil's mum) came for a visit a few weeks ago to meet Jessica. As we had predicted she had Jessica smiling within 30secs! It was lovely to have Jean in our home again and to watch her interact with her 4th grandchild.

My brother made a surprise visit (U.Michael I) to see Jessica for a few days. It was lovely to have some company during the day.

Last weekend we finally made it to London to introduce Jessica to her cousins (and A.Ali and U.Michael II). Lottie was so excited to meet Jessica. She had recently told a teacher that she had two sisters, Hannah and Jessica but Jessica lived with A.Helen and U.Phil because they couldn't look after her. Lottie spent most of the weekend saying how cute Jessica was and how much she loved her. This was interspersed with conversations about 'when Jessica is a big girl tomorrow she will be able to sleep in my room'!! We had a lovely relaxed weekend away from home.

Lottie and Jessica

All the cousins

Christmas seems to have crept up on us and finding time to think about presents let alone buy them was proving difficult. However in the last few days I have managed to make my Christmas cards, put most of my present in my Amazon basket and write the Christmas newsletter. I'm now looking forward to a relaxing Christmas and plan to put the tree up this weekend :)