Tuesday, April 07, 2009

...sleeping all night

Since my last post my travelling has not stopped. I feel as if the last few months have been spent packing, unpacking ans washing clothes! I can't complain however as we've had a few fun weekends away. Phil hadn't had any time off since Christmas so he took a week off in March and we headed over to Whitby for a few days. What a glorious few days visiting Whitby museum, walking along the beech and having coffee and cake at Sandsend in the sun. Jessica loved spending time with Granny Jean and loved having some help during the day. It was a proper rest for us all.

A friend of mine came over from Belfast the following week and she was kind enough to babysit and let Phil and I have a night out :) When headed to bed that night Jessica (who was still sleeping in our room and waking when went to bed) was totally out for the count so I suggested that we leave her to sleep and see what time she wakes. Until this point I had been waking her for a feed when we went to bed. I was half expecting to see her at 3am but when she started crying and I looked at the clock it was 7.10am. I was thrilled and she has been sleeping through the night since. The very next night we moved her into her own room so that we wouldn't disturb her at night. She looks so cute in her big cot. :)

Last week I had a few days in Belfast for a friends 30th. I love going home because my mum is more than happy to do everything she can to help me out so I get a good rest and evenings out to catch up with friends. It's always sad to leave but I'm glad to be home and Jessica is happy to see her Daddy again.

Weaning is going well, we are up to 2 meals a day and I'm hoping to introduce lunch this week. So far she has tried carrot, parsnip, potato, broccoli, leek, mushroom, banana, pear, apple and baby cereal. Some things are preferred to others but I'm keen to let her try as many flavours as possible. Dairy products can be introduced soon so cheese and yogurt are ready and waiting. My earlier fears and anxieties about weaning have all gone and I'm enjoying cooking for and feeding Jessica. Watching her really enjoy something you have made is wonderful and if she really doesn't like something then I get to have a little pre-dinner appetiser!!

With Easter just around the corner we are looking forward to a few days with the extended Brumby family.