Saturday, August 30, 2008

... a few more busy weeks before maternity leave starts

Since my last post Phil and i have been pretty busy. We have had family and friends staying with us mid week and we have been up in Scotland for a wedding. Phil's cousin got married a few weeks ago just outside Edinburgh so we travelled north for the weekend. Our good friends Cheryl and James looked after us and totally pampered me (I wasn't complaining). We headed over to Edinburgh for the day on Sat for the wedding and to catch up with the rest of the family who had managed to make it. It was a really fabulous day and everyone really enjoyed it...I even managed to find something to wear over the ever growing bump!

Phil and I before the wedding

The lovely bride and groom with Phil's Aunt and Uncle in the background

Johnny and Angelina with their cute little son Lois

Our final visitors of the summer before I put a ban on all future visitors before the baby comes were Phil's sister and her family. We absolutely love it when the Patersons come to visit, cause we have lots of fun, good food and great chats. Also they brought their 3 adorable children who really brought the house to life. The Patersons were here for a week and we had so many great times that I can't mention them all but here's a few photos from the week.

The local park!!!

Cute Sam trying to crawl

Lottie and Hannah discover the joys of Wheelock Farm

We enjoy the delights of the cafe!

I am man, I make fire!

Ali, Phil and I enjoy the late summer evenings with the help of the chiminea and a big bowl of crisps

It's been a busy but wonderful few weeks, I am now officially on maternity leave. This has come a few weeks earlier than I'd hoped, but I'm happy to listen to the doctor and I'd only be working for the money...who needs that anyway. So depending on when this little baby comes the next 4/5 weeks are for me to get the house, my head and Phil ready for the arrival....I can't wait :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

...a busy few weeks

Over the last few weeks we have had the pleasure of having lots of visitors. I love when people come to visit us, mostly cause I don;t have to pack or miss Church. A few weeks ago my parents stopped off in Sandbach on their return from Paris. It was a really lovely relaxing weekend and we even managed to squeeze in some baby shopping. New grandparents to be are very generous :) We spent most of the weekend catching up, chillin' out and drinking tea.

After they left I have a few days to get the house ready for my annual girlie weekend. Every year 4 of us from Uni get together to chat, chat and chat. We also eat and drink and chat. We all love these weekends and normally head to London and take in a show. However this year the girls took pity on me and my current circumstances and came to Sandbach instead. It was a fab weekend and we enjoyed a day in Knustford followed by a yummy meal out. In fact we all loved it so much that we have decided to ditch London and just meet in someones house each year. Next year we're off the Belfast :)

The Girlies left on Sunday afternoon and Phil's Mum and Aunties arrived that evening for a stop over before their flight from Manchester (at a silly time in the morning, I'm glad it was Phil's mum) to Turkey. It was great to see Mo and Jean again and join in with their madness!!

Thursday night we had some more visitors. Friends from Uni who stopped off on their way to a wedding in Cheltenham. It was really great to see them and their adorable little boy.

Jean and Mo return tonight before heading back to Whitby on Tuesday so no doubt tonight will be a very funny night filled with all their mad holiday stories. I can't wait.

We have only one mad weekend and one mad week of visitors left before I put my foot down and say NO MORE PEOPLE until the baby is born. I'm feeling the need to now get semi-prepared for the new arrival and need a few weekends at home with Phil to do this. Let's hope the baby doesn't arrive early!