Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...some rapid heart beating

Last Thursday I had my 16 week midwife check up. It was nice to finally meet my midwife and chat over any concerns. My biggest concern was that I hadn't put on any weight despite the fact that I already have a rather large bump. The midwife laughed and said don't worry you will!! Apart from the midwife taking far too much blood for my liking the best bit about the visit was getting to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It's nice to be re-assured that Baby Brumby is growing inside. I'm looking forward to the next scan in about 4 weeks. So far the pregnancy has been good and I've not had too many of those awful pregnancy symptoms. Lets hope it continues!! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

... a weekend with friends from Uni

This weekend we had some lovely friends come to visit who we have known since Dundee days. Ruth came over from Nottingham on the Saturday with her new husband Giles and Nicola came up from London with her not so new husband Ian. It was great to meet Giles for the first time and get to know Ian a little bit better.

We had a super day on Saturday catching up on old times and seeing what everyone is up to know. We took them all for a walk along the canal and finished with a large coke in Lock 57. Nicola and Ian stayed for the whole weekend and we chilled out on sat night with some great food and chat. Sadly they have all left now but we're hoping to see each other a bit more often than we have up to now.

This morning at Church was also a Baptism service for 6 people, it was such a moving and wonderful service and I felt privileged to be there and to share it with them all.

Friday, April 25, 2008

...book club

I was at book club again last night. We meet every month to discuss a different book. Last night we were looking at 'Stepping Heavenwards' by Elizabeth Prentiss. It wasn't my favourite book but there was so much to take from it that I couldn't dislike it. I enjoy book club mostly cause I get to meet up every month with a great group of ladies and chat about books, God and anything else we think of. Sadly I have to lead a month next year which means choosing a book. I'm a bit stumped as to what to choose, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Most of my time these days is taken up with reading Book Club books, and the books I like may not appeal to the wider audience. I have a few ideas up my sleeve so we'll see what falls out!! I've started the next book for next month already, lets hope it's a good one :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

....wish that other bloggers would add an RSS feed to their blogs

I do wish that all my blogging friends, not to mention anyone in particular - Ione, Olga, Liz, Nic, would add an RSS feed to their blogs so that I don't have to continually check if they have been updated. RSS Feeds are great, they link to your email account and everytime you check your emails it gives you all the blog updates.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

...some building work

Ok so the title seems to imply that I have building, which isn't technically correct, but Phil has been building on my behalf. Last summer we tried to buy some garden furniture in the summer sales but couldn't find anything we liked. So this year we just grabbed the bull by the horns and bought some garden furniture. It's not exactly what we were looking for last year, but times have changed, priorities have changed and bank balances are going to be alot smaller in the future. Below is a picture of me working at the table this afternoon when I came home from my site visit. It was great to be out in the garden and the wireless Internet seems to work even if it is a little slower.

The other thing Phil has been building is the gas BBQ that we bought last year for a great price on the Internet. However Phil has now discovered why it was such a good price...it's ridiculously difficult to built. The instructions are very complicated and the diagram is not much help. But he's great at stuff like this so hopefully it'll be finished by the weekend when we have friends coming to visit and we can have our first BBQ of the year.