Thursday, May 29, 2008

... a baby scan

Yesterday Phil and I went for our second scan of the baby at the hospital. We were fairly relaxed about the whole thing and very excited about seeing the little baby again. Apart from the 30mins wait the scan was brilliant. Seeing our little baby wriggling about, sucking and what looked like scratching her head was amazing. The sonographer was also pleased cause it was a very well behaved baby, lets hope that continues after birth!! All the measurements were in the correct zone and the heart was beating away. We are so thankful and continue to pray for the safety of this precious little person. I've attached a photo (Phil thinks the baby has its mummy's big fat tummy!!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

... LOTR risk

Bank holidays are meant to be lazy days spent doing stuff that you want to do, not stuff you have to do. So Phil and I started the day off lounging on the sofa in our PJ's, that was until the door bell rang and Phil's friend Kentin was at the door. Since it was already 12.00 we thought we should get dressed and spend the day entertaining Kentin. After lunch the boys went off to the driving range and I went back to lounging about....but then the worst imaginable thing happened. The electricity went OFF!! So our evening of Wii playing and DVD watching was out, couldn't go on the Internet, couldn't watch TV!! There was nothing left but to search through our large stash of board games and Lord of the Rings Risk won the day. We sat down at 4.00pm to begin had 30min break for tea (electricity was back by this point) then returned to the game only for Phil to take victory at 10.00pm. A slight consolation was that I didn't come last!! It was a fun bank holiday and a rematch is being planned as I write. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...10 thoughts I had yesterday

Ione has tagged me but since I only got out of bed 30mins ago and my only thought so far today has been 'do I really have to get up?' I'll list my 10 thoughts from yesterday. Thanks Ione!!

1. I wonder what the traffic will be like this morning through Birmingham
2. Why doesn't the client listen to me, am I not scary enough on site?
3. Can I get away without stopping to get a sarnie for lunch and just have crisps and an apple instead.
4. This wriggling baby can be quite distracting whilst I'm driving.
5. Why does H take soooo long to reply to text messages.
6. Have I told everyone that I've changed the date of my Birthday Party?
7. Why do boys feel the need to watch football even if they don't like either of the teams.
8. When is Phil going to book me a holiday, I need a week away reading my books.
9. Can I get through all of Thursday without finding out who was fired from the Apprentice before I watch it tonight...I'm thinking no!!
10. Why is it so important to sleep on your left hand side when your just feels wrong.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

... a visit from her favourite mum-in-law

Last weekend, we had a fab time with Phil's mum. We always love it when she comes to visit cause she does the dishes, and shes great fun to spend time with. On Saturday we had a full day of shopping. Firstly we went to look at cars for Jean and then we headed over to Cheshire Oaks for a bit of a mooch in the shops. Didn't buy much but it was nice to window shop. Sunday was a lovely day, introducing Jean to our many friends and she had a chance to catch up with some old friends also. We're looking forward to her next visit in July.

Friday, May 16, 2008

... a little bit bigger

This photo was taken just a week ago. It's not the best photo in the world, but for those of you who haven't seen me for a while it gives you and idea of how crazily large my bump is getting. I'm feeling thoroughly massive at the moment so who knows what I'll feel like in 20 weeks. I've had two big pregnancy excitements this week. Firstly, I've reached the half way mark. I have my second scan in 2 weeks which is really exciting and Phil and I have started looking at baby stuff (although all hand me downs are greatly appreciated)!! Secondly, I have had an exciting week of feeling the baby move. It feels a bit like bubbles popping in my tummy, really weird but strangely nice. Sadly Phil can't feel it yet so he's feeling a bit left out, but I'm sure it won't be long until baby Brumby is performing some kung-fu moves that Phil can feel! All is well with Mummy and Baby, please pray that this will continue.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

... Malvern Spring Garden Show

I'm not really a gardener although I do fancy growing some veg. I have started but Phil says they are all dead, I'm holding out hope for a revival!! This week I had a opportunity to see the professionals at work. The school where I'm working had entered a garden in the Malvern Spring Garden Show and our company had sponsored them. So I was asked to attend as a rep from our office. After my site visits on Thursday I popped down to the show to see the Show Garden that we had had won Gold (whatever that means). It was still pretty cool, it featured plants and boring stuff but at it's focus was the schools miniature steam train. It was a fun afternoon in the sun.

... London with family

Last weekend Phil and I headed down to Lonodn for the May Bank Holiday weekend. We expected awful traffic on the Friday but I was ok :) We had a fab weekend with the Paterson family, it's great to see the kids growing and the girls are now hilarious, chatting away. Little Sam is also cute especially when he laughs and blows bubbles. Phil sadly wasn't feeling great, he's been poorly now for about 2 weeks. I think he is now starting to come out the other side. I don't really mind him being sick (since he is quite often) but this time it's been super annoying cause he's half deaf and I have to remember to shout at him or else repeat myself!! But we still managed to have a fab weekend.

The Paterson Clan

Phil and Lottie

Lottie and Hannah snoozing after playing hard

Me and ickle Sam

Pirate Lottie and Pirate Sam

Hannah chasing bubbles in the garden