Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brumby questions the importance of blogging...

I'm not really sure why I write this blog, nor am I sure why many other people write theirs. However there are many blogs out there that are primarily aimed at providing us with information that we find relevant to our lives. In particular I am talking about Christian blogs (of which there are many). There are a few that I read on almost a daily basis and find that what they have to say is often an encouragement or a challenge. I am finding more and more now that I am likely to pick up my laptop to browse the internet than pick up a book and curl up on the sofa. Of course there is nothing wrong with this but recently I have been questioning the use of my time. My way, in part, of addressing my use of time is to spend my time on the internet reading these blogs that at times are like mini sermons. I do however love checking the news headlines and reading friends blogs and going on bebo to see what friends have been up to.

So i still don't know why I write mine but I want to thank all the people who continue to write their blogs to help and encourage other people.

Monday, April 23, 2007

...the weekly weight in

Yipee!!!....I've lost 2lbs, which I think is pretty great since I had a weekend of bad food that I couldn't avoid. And my BMI is now 23.4 :)

Had a great weekend even though I did slip up a little on the food. Pilco and I cleared the garage in preparation for the move, its amazing how much junk we have gathered in only 2 years! But it felt good to start the clearing and packing.

Saturday night we went out for dinner at the home of a lovely couple from Church, it was really lovely to get to know them a little better and learn more about the Church.

Sunday was a super day. Church was followed by a Church lunch and then a Q&A for our potential new Assistant Pastor. We are now desperately looking forward to moving down and getting more involved.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

...rabbit food

Lunch for the next 6 weeks :(

We're out for dinner on Sat night and we have a church lunch on Sunday and I'm worried about my dietry requirements. I'll just have to do my best and eat what I can without being rude or offending anyone.

The diet is not good when you wnat to have a social life, unless nice people like Jess come for tea (shes also on the Juice Diet).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

...the Juice Detox/Diet

Computer just crashed after a lengthy description of my juice diet, so sadly you are now getting the short short version.

-I have a wedding in 6 weeks
-need to look super sexy
-need to lose at least a stone!!
-juice diet works a treat
-juice for breakfast, salad for lunch, fish/chicken and veg for tea
-no carbs, no dairy, no alcohol

Sorry I've had to crop the text but gotta go work. I'll keep you posted on the weekly weight in's.

The green juice that my colleagues think looks like liquidized Kermit!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I know it's been a while, but I'm a busy girl....most of the time. Easter is a special time for our family, especially when we remember the significance of Jesus dying for us and then being raised to life. How wonderful and humbling that he would do that for us. We had a lovely long weekend at home in Belfast with my family. It was also mums birthday so double celebrations. We didn't do our usual mad dash to see alot of friends and just had a relaxing time with family and a few friends, it was a really nice time and just the break we needed.

On Easter Monday Pilco's brother came over to visit us with his new girl friend, she's lovely!!! and we all had a great evening.

Back to work on Tuesday, yuck, it was far to sunny outside to be at work. So on Saturday we took ourselves off to Arley Hall for a stroll in the grounds following buy a little tub of ice cream. We then decided to go out for tea and treat ourselves, after all you're only young once...super day.

Me at the Tea Cottage

Pilco in a tree!

That's about it, I'll try not to leave such a large gap between my entries in future.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday 2nd April

I was in London at the weekend with 3 of my friends from Uni. We try to meet up once a year and have a girlie weekend, full of good chat, luxury hotels, good food and a show. Although we haven't done it for a while this weekend was as good as expected. We stayed in the Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch, a very luxurious hotel with excellent service. All four of us were as exhausted as each other so we spent a relaxing weekend chatting and stolling along Oxford Street. On Saturday night we went to see 'Avenue Q' which is a puppet show for adults, it was hilarious. All in all it was a lovely weekend.