Friday, January 23, 2009

...some home made steak pie and cookies

This week I told Phil that I would make a concerted effort to clear the spare room so that he can build the new computer table and move the computer out of Jessica's room and into the spare room. All of this is to be done so that little Jessica can move into her own room and out of ours so that we can sleep better. She's a great little sleeper but all her scuffling and finger munching can keep us awake!!

Sadly, my efforts to clear the spare room have been thwarted by with antics in the kitchen. I have been working our way through the freezer since Christmas, eating the random meat I buy on offer. So this week I took out stewing steak and decided to make a steak and mushroom pie, I even made the pastry. I thought it tasted pretty good for my first attempt, but it took me most of the afternoon and Jessica was in particularly grumpy form and whimpered the whole time I was cooking so I kept on having to stop and look after her.

Today however Jessica was more than happy to play in the kitchen whilst I baked some choc chip cookies, they taste great....not sure how many there will be left when Phil gets home from work.

Life as a homemaker is so far a lot of fun and really rewarding. I'm off now to clear the spare room before Phil gets home in 45mins...let's hope Jessica doesn't wake up. ;)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

... Christmas and New Year

Jessica with 'Father' Christmas

This was a very special Christmas for Phil and I, we had our lovely daughter to share it with. Phil was really busy at work in the build up to Christmas so we were please to finally be heading for the airport on the Sunday before Christmas. I was a little anxious about flying with Jessica because I know that the air pressure can be sore on little ones ears, but Jessica was an angel. She fed as we took off, slept and then fed during landing. On arrival in Belfast Jessica immediately became pass the parcel with family, friends and half of Mum and Dad's church! She loved it but I think she was secretly pleased to get to bed each evening. In the run up to Christmas day Phil and I travelled about with Jessica so that she could meet our friends. It was great to catch up with friends, especially those we hadn't seen for a long time and I even managed to catch up with some school friends (it was great to see you Nic).

On Christmas Eve we always head over to Church for the Christmas Eve Service. As there was no-one to babysit Jessica she was lifted out of bed and put in the buggy in her sleeping bag and rapped up in a snugly blanket.

Jessica ready for the Christmas Eve Service

Christmas morning was the usual 7am start with lots of present opening before a yummy scrambled egg and smoked salmon breakfast. Jessica was dressed as Santa for the occasion and sat quietly in her bouncy playing with the wrapping paper whilst we all opened our pressies. The rest of Christmas day was filled with Church, family, food, good chat and some napping!! It was a really lovely day but I'm not sure how much Jessica appreciated it.

'I'm ready to open my presents mummy!!'

After Christmas day we put our feet up and chilled out. We treasured the moments in our bedroom when Jessica was awake before we went down stairs for breakfast because we knew that would be the last time we would see her all day (except when she needed food!).

We had a couple of days at home before we packed up again and headed to London. It was a lot of fun in London eating great food and playing with our nieces and nephew. Oh and it was great to see Ali and Michael too. I just about managed to stay up for the bells at midnight and we watched the London fireworks from the attic window!! How cool.

Now we are back home and back to porridge. I have to admit I'm actually quite happy to be home and getting back into our old routine. I'm drowning in a sea of dirty laundry, but i have conquered the Christmas decorations. Taking them down always makes me slightly sad because it means that Christmas is over for another year.

All in all it was a great holiday and we're already looking forward to next year!!