Saturday, December 22, 2007

... Christmas at the office

Christmas is always an exciting time of the year in our office as everyone competes to get the best present from the contractor/QS/engineer, so you can imagine my disappointment/excitement when instead of the usual bottle of champagne or expensive bottle of wine I received this...

The disappointment at receiving a Ram Rocket soon disappeared when I realised it could be a powerful weapon when used against Phil.

So it's Christmas time and the pressies are wrapped and we're ready for a fun filled family Christmas. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year

Thursday, November 29, 2007

... a visit from the in-laws

A few weekends ago we had a wonderful visit from Ali, Michael, Lottie and Hannah. After their last visit we new what to expect so all child unfriendly objects were moved out of reach and sleep was off the agenda. We had a great weekend with Lottie entertaining us from the very start. It's great to have her running round our house and chatting non-stop. We had endless hours of interesting conversations. It's always so much fin to have the Patersons to visit and we are all excited about the arrival of baby 3 in January.

Last weekend Phil and I had our first weekend alone for about 6 weeks. We were so excited that we decided to go to IKEA, I know we're mad. It wasn't as bad as we expected and we got the bookcase for the kitchen that we had hoped for. We crashed out on Saturday night and watched a movie snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa.

We are now getting excited about Christmas and starting to think about what pressies to buy and formulating plans for New Year.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

... a wedding and a wee trip up north

Phil and I went to a wonderful wedding a few weekends ago of Phil's old Dundee flat mate, Stuart and his fiance Sharon. Since the wedding was in November we were worried about the weather, but it was a wonderful day. Loads of our friends from Uni were there so it was great catching up with them and some folk who we haven't seen since uni days. I wore, for the first time ever, killer heels and managed to walk on them for most of the day. I'm afraid that by the time of the evening doo I was barefoot.

We spent the rest of the weekend with family and visiting my nanny who is very poorly in hospital. Then on Sunday night we headed up to Portstewart (North Coast of Norn Iron). It was so lovely to get away from digital TV, computers and all the hustle and bustle of life. We had a long walk on the Strand followed by dinner out in my favourite place to eat, The Ramore Wine Bar. My friend Sarah joined us for a few days and we had a great time catching up, shopping and playing Uno far too late at night.

A wonderful time in Northern Ireland was had by all.

Friday, November 02, 2007

... a visit from the parents and an MBE party!

It's not very often that I can say that my parents are coming for dinner. But last week they were on route to Lanzarote with 2 friends and had a stop over in Manchester. It was really lovely to see them and Dad really liked seeing the new house. We had a few hours of fun teaching the oldies how to play on the Wii!! Sadly they had to leave at 6.00 the next morning to get their flight but it was worth the early morning to see them.

Last weekend we headed down to London for Phil's Uncle Johnny's MBE party. He was awarded an MBE for services to Sri Lanka, were he works as a Church of Scotland minister. Johnny and his wife Patrica where involved in relief work after the tsunami, which by Gods grace they narrowly escaped getting caught in. The party was great, it was so lovely to catch up with family away from the usual weddings.

The rest of the weekend we just spent time with the Brumby/Paterson family at Ali and Michael's. We had lots of fun with Lottie and Hannah who are now getting so big. Lottie is chatting away and is very cute when she's calls me Auntie Hewen :)

Although we weren't there for Halloween I had to add these photos of them before they went to the Church Pumpkin party.

Lottie as a scary Lion

Lottie and Hannah (Hannah is a pumpkin!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

... a weekend with a good friend

What a wonderful surprise when my very good friend Sarah phoned me on Wednesday morning to say that her husband John was coming over to Manchester for a conference and could she come to see us for the weekend. The answer was YES!! We love having friends to visit but sadly our friends from Belfast don't often get a chance to come over and since we try to see them when we are home, they feel less of a rush to come.

I picked Sarah up on Friday night from the airport and we just crashed out in the house and chatted into the wee hours of the morning. Sat was a very lazy day for Sarah. Phil and I went to the Ordination of Gary Aston (our new Assistant Pastor) in the afternoon.

Saturday night was of course wet aside for the rugby. Phil had arranged last week for his brother and friend to come round so Sarah and I just slotted into their plans. Whilst we were waiting for them to arrive Sarah produced a wonderful gift for each of us. I think I loved it more than Phil, but he was still very happy with the pressie. 2 IRELAND RUGBY TOPS!! Phil then felt he had to wear it to watch England and subsequently feels he was the sole reason that England lost, I don't think he'll be doing that again!

Sadly Sarah had to leave again on Sunday but it was a really special weekend and I'm hoping her and John will come to visit again soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

...need some more sleep

I only seem to write this when I've done something interesting at the weekend (since I apparently don't do anything interesting during the week) but today I thought I'd step outside the norm. I didn't do anything 'interesting' this weekend but I did have a great weekend. We had a wonderfully busy weekend at Church, handing out the notices, meeting more new people, looking after lovely kids in creche and after the evening service having the YP round to our house. We had the opportunity to share our testimony with the YP which although this was scary it was actually really helpful (well for us anyway).

Work as usual has been mad busy this week and it seems to be getting busier as the weeks continue. Lets hope we organize ourselves soon and book some time off work. I feel tired all the time. Although I'm loving work at the moment some times I have to remind myself that I'm an Architect cause what I do each day is more in line with a counsellor/people manager, but it's fun so I shouldn't complain (not that I was)

I'm looking forward to this weekend because I'm going to the Northern Women's Convention in Manchester with a group of ladies from the Church.

Friday, October 05, 2007 to visit friends

Last Saturday we finally got round to catching up with our friends Dave and Sarah Woollin and their two boys. We had a wonderful day our in Baildon (the other side of Bradford). It's always great to Dave and Sarah, I really value Sarah's friendship and our chats about life, church and everything else.

We spent the morning playing with the boys in the house and then in the afternoon they took us Howath to see their Church. I didn't realise that this was where the Bronte sisters grew up and based many of their books. The main street in the village is full of quaint little shops where Phil bought some smelly cheese.

Monday, September 24, 2007

...whitby fish and chips

Phil and I have just returned from a long overdue trip to Whitby. We had a really wonderful weekend with Jean. Whitby is just one of those really special places for so many reasons. I love going for long walks on the beach listening to all the stories of Phil's childhood and wandering through the cobbled streets picking up quirky bargains. But best of all is when we get the chance to go out for tea to Trenchers (Whitby's famous fish and chip restaurant) followed by a walk along the peer.

Sunday at Whitby Evangelical Church was followed by a lovely lunch at the McGowan's. Thank you for a great afternoon, we always love spending time with your family.

Now we're home and back to the real world and work. Lets hope its a stress free week!

Friday, September 21, 2007

... gardening

Just a quick message to say I'm still here, I'm just too lazy to write and too tired. Anyway, we have had a great few weekends in the garden cutting the hedge and power hosing the decking.

Last weekend we were in Belfast for the weekend, Phil had a stag weekend and I had a girlie weekend. I had so much fun catching up with my mum and dad and friends. I don't think I've had a weekend on my own in N.Iron since I got married so it was really special (I missed Phil a little!).

I had some mum and daughter time on sat morning which was fab, although I was a little tired after chatting to Sarah into the wee hours of the morning (but it was worth it). Then in the afternoon Jenny picked me up and we went to see our friend Carole and her very precious little twin boys. It was so wonderful to meet Andrew and Stephen who are very cute and small, they actually made me sad to not live closer!!

Me and Stephen

Carole and Andrew

Family Grattan (Simon, Carole, Andrew and Stephen)

Sat night I spent some time with Stephen and Kate, it was great to see their house finally and to eat all their sorbet! Sarah and John were also there, just like the old times, sort of!! :)

So as you can see I had a fab weekend without Phil, although I wouldn't like to do it too often, it was lovely to be able to see all my girlie's without worrying if Phil was bored.

Work is just mad busy at the moment which is part of the reason for lack of blogs as I'm so tired I can't face looking at the computer again, but I'm really enjoying work which is great and project is fab!

Of to Whitby this weekend for some fish and chips at Trenches, can't wait :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

... a few days of unpacking a visit from the in laws

When we got back from our hols we thought that whole week at home unpacking and sorting out the house was just what we needed. However that didn't happen and Phil's sister asked if she could stop at ours for the weekend on her way to Whitby. Of course we were delighted at the thought of Ali, Michael, Lottie and Hannah coming to visit but the house was in no fit state for visitors let alone two little people who like to explore. So three days of mad wardrobe, shelves, chest of drawers building ensued, closely followed by huge amounts of boxes getting unpacked and finally a top to bottom tidy and clean. We were still cleaning as they pulled into the driveway but I don't think they noticed.

We had a wonderful long weekend with them all and I think they loved the house and where we are now living. Lottie and Hannah provided hours of entertainment with a visit to Funsters, a trip to the farm in the rain, playing hide and seek, making drinks with Party Penguin (a variation on Mr Frosty) and watching Peppa Pig lots.

Ali left with the girls on Monday morning to drive to Whitby and when Phil and I got home to the house it felt so empty and quiet. Thanks guys for coming to visit it was really great to have you in our house and thanks again for the amazing flowers.

Now we are back to work. I can't believe its nearly two weeks. Work is hectic but good and I'm loving the project I'm working but sadly it means that blogging has taken a back seat cause I'm usually so tired by the time I get home. But I will try my best to keep posting at least once a week.

Before I go, a big thank you to Lorraine and Pete for having us round on Sunday night, it's really great getting to know people better in the Church and we really feel at home in Sandbach and WHBC. I'll have to dust off my recipe books and have all the people round for lunch/dinner who have been kind enough to invite us.

... cruising the Med

Sorry for the delay in blogging, no real reason why I haven't caught up on it this week but here we go!

We had a wonderful week on holiday cruising the Med. We booked a last minute cheepy and hoped that this holiday would be much better than last years disastrous trip to Egypt. We flew from Manchester to Majorca, then boarded the Cruise ship in Palma. I'll not bore you with the details of the ship but it was huge and had everything on it that you would expect in any hotel. After a day at sea we stopped at Corsica. Next was Rome, which was the most amazing city I have ever been too and can't wait to go back. We only had a day in each port so that meant we did Rome in a day. We filled that day and went to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Square. After all that we even had time for a quick coffee and an ice cream. Next stop was Portofino, North Italy. This is a lovely little harbour for the rich and famous as we discovered after having two cappuccino's which came to a grand total of £8!! Phil says when we are rich (like that'll ever happen :) he'll buy me a yacht and we can sail here! Next stop was Nice and we decided to take the train to Monte Carlo. More rich people and more yachts!! But we saw the Grand Casino (although only from the back cause we are both so daft that we didn't realise we were on the wrong side of the building until later that night when someone else was taking about all the cool cars out the front...there were no cars on the side of the building we were looking at). We also saw the Hotel de Paris (again from the back) and then we climbed all the way up to the Palace and the Cathedral where Princess Grace got married. Next stop was Menorca, not a huge amount to see here but this was by far the most stunning natural harbour we had ever seen. It was an amazing site sailing out of this small harbour on a ridiculously large cruise ship. Then Back to Palma the next day to fly home.

That was a bit of a whistle stop tour of our hols but it was one of the best ones we've ever had. I'll try and post photos soon.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...Alton Towers

I had a wonderful weekend with my siblings. Neil and Michael arrived on Friday night and we all crashed out after a long week and had a catch up. We got up early on Saturday morning and headed off to Alton Towers. It was a wonderfully sunny day and we all had a brilliant time. It was sad on Sunday to say goodbye to my sister Jill who leaves next Sunday for a year in Kiwoko, Uganda. I wish her all the best for her year and hope it is a wonderful learning experience for her.

Phil and I are now recovering and getting ready for our two weeks off work. We have book a cruise round the Med and can't wait to get away to some sunny climates and catch up on some sleep and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to some serious reading. We haven't decided what to do with our second week off yet. We may spend it unpacking the last few remaining boxes and building the last few bits of furniture. But who knows we might get bored at home and take off for a few days. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, July 27, 2007

...enjoy having family to stay

I had a wonderful weekend in Glasgow with Cheryl and we even managed to fit in a quick visit to Dundee where we met up with my old boss and his family for coffee. It was really great to see them all and to catch up on there news. We also tried to meet up with Michael (my baby bro) but he was working and didn't answer his phone :( Never mind he's coming to visit me this weekend.

Jill (my ickle sis) has been staying with us this week and it's been really great to see her and spend time with her before she heads off to Africa in a few weeks. Michael and Neil and Neils girlfriend Maria all arrive tonight and we are planning to have a fun weekend with a visit to Alton Towers, lots of playing on the Wii and a compulsory game of Cranium. It'll be fab to see them all and have them all in my house for the first time, lets hope the weather is favourable!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

...too much

Our mad few months have continued. My mum came to visit a few weekends ago and we had a lovely time enjoying the one day of sunshine we have had all summer and watching the Wimbledon Finals. Thanks mum for coming over, we were just sad dad couldn't make it too.

During the week I went to Ikea and finally ordered our wardrobes. They arrived last Friday and have now taken over the kitchen waiting for Phil to build them. But Phil has not built and installed the new bathroom cabinet, which looks fab :)

Last weekend we had a lovely weekend in London for Esther Norris's wedding and Ali's birthday. London trips are always good fun and we had a great time playing with the girls and catching up with family. Thanks Ali and Michael for putting us all up.

This week has been fairly normal, just very busy at work, but I'm really enjoying it so that helps. I went to the final book club for the year last night. We had lots of food and some really great chat. It was wonderfully insightful to hear what everyones idea of Adventure is after reading 'Up the Yukon without a paddle'. Thanks Ione, I can't wait for next year.

This weekend I'm off to see my good friend Cheryl in Glasgow. I can't wait to take her dogs for long walks so that we can natter away and catch up on each others mad lives.

Only a few more weeks of madness to go and then we are off on holiday. Hopefully by the end of Sept life will have slowed down a little. But who knows!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

....IKEA again!!

We thought that since yesterday was our first free Saturday in weeks we should really get on with furnishing the house. Having failed to get the wardrobes we wanted on our last trip to IKEA we thought that we would try again. So having checked that they had them in stock we headed off to Manchester IKEA. It was a bit of a struggle to find but we did eventually and as we walked round we picked up some other bits and pieces that we needed. When we finally got the wardrobe section we double checked what we wanted and went over to order it.....only to be told the last of them had been sold that morning!! AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!! How frustrating.

Never mind we had a fun day out, had a bite to eat in Chiquita and went to look at garden furniture. Not sure why since we don't really have the weather to use it. Needless to say we didn't buy any and went home rather disappointed with our lack of purchases.

But we had a nice Saturday night crashing out with a fish supper and can of diet coke. Church this morning was excellent with a super message that I'm sure was written with me in mind! We feel really at home in the Church and all the people are so welcoming and constantly inviting us out for lunch and tea. We are looking forward to getting our new dining table and chairs so that we can return the favour. Now I'm just relaxing on this first quiet Sunday in weeks preparing myself for another busy week ahead. The good news is my Mum's coming on Thursday to stay for the weekend so I'm looking forward to showing her round our new pad and the local area.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

...not like the flooding

The flooding throughout the country has been horrendous. I got my first taste of it yesterday on my way to a meeting in Worcestershire. The fields either side of the road were completely hidden under water and eventually I came across a road that was closed. This led to me being an hour late for my meeting. Although me being late for my meeting is nothing compared to the devastation the flooding has caused to so many people. Lets hope this weekends predicted rain doesn't cause the same problems.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...a 30th birthday, a family weekend and a trip to the Peak District

A lot has happened since I last posted. I've been so busy I haven't had time or energy to write anything. I suppose I should start at the beginning, which was about 1.5 weeks ago. Phil turned 30 this year and to celebrate I organized a surprise boys weekend for him. It really was a surprise when 7 of his friends from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland descended on Sandbach for the weekend. The boys had a fun weekend playing on the Wii, paintballing and generally catching up. Phil was thrilled with his surprise and I think all the guys loved having a weekend away.

I thought it was best to escape for the weekend and as it was also my birthday my good friend Cheryl came down from Scotland and we went off the Cheltenham for the weekend for some R&R. It was great to get away from it all and catch up with Cheryl.

Me and Cheryl

After we had recovered from the weekend we had an over night visit from our Uni friends Steve and Becky and their little girl Abigail. They stopped over on the Wednesday night on their way up from London to Scotland. It was great to see them and to meet Abigail.

Phil's birthday wasn't actually until this weekend past so I organized for his Mum to come and stay with us for the weekend. This was also a surprise for Phil and he was thrilled to see his Mum and show off the new house. We had a super weekend going to the Lowry and Imperial War Museum on Sat and then after Church on Sunday we drove over to the Peak District to meet up with Phil's sister Ali and her family. Andy (Phil's brother) also came over for the day. We had a lovely family lunch and a walk in the woods. Phil's mum and brother left and we stayed on for a few more days. Although the weather was awful on the Monday we still managed to have a wonderful time with Ali, Michael and the girls. Thank you Ali and Michael for letting us stay with you on your holiday.

Out for a walk in the woods

Jean and Lottie

Phil, Lottie and Hannah

Hannah on a bouncy castle for the first time

Now we are back to reality with a bump and work is hectic. Taking two days off doesn't really mean you get a holiday it just means you have to do a weeks work in 3 days. But it's nice to be back in our own house and we are looking forward to a few weeks without any weekends away. We might even manage to buy some furniture and get a bit more of the house unpacked. We'll see!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


We've had a great week in the new house and we are slowly regaining some level of normality. There are a few less boxes now and we are now looking at what furniture we need to buy. After nearly 4 years of marriage we are looking forward to setting up a home that many people can come and visit us in and that we can use to glorify God in Sandbach.

The compulsory trip to Ikea was in order, and bearing in mind how horrible a trip to Ikea is on a Saturday we decided to go after work. We actually had a good time, choosing new wardrobes, bookcases and chest of drawers. Sadly when we got to the check out the wardrobe we wanted was out of stock, but hopefully it'll be back in soon. We picked up a few other bits and pieces on the way round, so the trip was not in vain!

Phil had fun playing on the trolley!!

I was tired and glad to be going home.

This weekend has been so glorious outside that I haven't wanted to do any unpacking, however whilst Phil was out playing football on Saturday I did sort out the dreaded spare room and also managed to find some time to relax in the garden with my book. It was so wonderful and peaceful. I'm loving our new house.

Friday, June 01, 2007

...take photos sometimes!!

Below are a few badly taken photos showning the extent of our unpacking! We haven't done very much and we're off the Belfast for a wedding so we won't get anymore done til next week. Never mind, we're just thrilled to be in the house.

If you're passing or live nearby, drop in for a coffee (I can't guarentee there will be any were to sit, but I can guarentee a warm welcome)

Living room, not unpacked at all!!

Kitchen, looking down towards dining area.

I asked Phil to unpack important things and this appeared on top of one of the kitchen cupboards!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

..the big house move

Well, we're in and very happy. Everything went really well this weekend.

We picked up the keys on Friday night and had a quick look around our new house. It was just as we had remembered it which was a relief. Then we shot back home to finish off the packing. Saturday our two removal men were excellent and they had us moved by 3.30pm. It was great not having to lift any of the heavy boxes!! Just as we sat down with a cup of tea, Ben Griffen arrived with alot of shopping for us, which was wonderful and so kind...thanks Ben and Liz. We didn't do too much unpacking on Sat cause we were pretty tired, so we unpacked the kitchen and got fish and chips for tea.

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day, getting to go to Church twice was great and we had lunch with the McKenzies...thank you.

Monday we had great plans to unpack loads and sort the house out, but in reality we slept most of the morning (can't remember the last time we had that luxury) and spent the afternoon out and about checking out furniture stores and the local area.

Still no photos, sorry I'll try and take some tonight, and post tomorrow. We have no internet at home yet so I have to find 10mins at work to post (that's not always possible).

The main thing is we are loving Sandbach, the cows in the fields, the noisy birds and most of all our little house and the proximity to our Church.

Thursday, May 24, 2007 moving

Well tomorrow is hopefully the beginning of a mad but wonderful weekend. We are completing tomorrow and moving on Saturday. Pretty good timing really cause our lease runs out on our rental property on Saturday and it's a bank holiday so we have an extra day to unpack. Things have been a bit hectic so I don't have any photos of the chaos of packing but it thought I would give you a sneak peak of the house. These are the photos from the website and I'll post more once we get in.

The kitchen/dining area

The living room (thankfully not our furniture)

Monday, May 14, 2007

...a little bit of packing

As the moving day draws ever closer we thought that this weekend past would be a good time to start packing. In reality all we did was repack the boxes that we have kinda unpacked over the last 18 months. So although it looks like we have done lots of packing we haven't really. However, we now have the removal men booked, boxes obtained and a extra boost of energy ready for a full weekend of packing this coming weekend. (Keeping Phil away from the FA Cup final long enough to help may be a struggle!!). Although at times dealing with solicitors, estate agents, etc has been difficult we are very excited about moving into our own home. We have great plans about what we want to do to the house once we get in, although these ideas are based entirely on the 15 minutes we spent in the house when we viewed it. I'm sure they will all change once we have spent some time in the house.

I'll keep you posted as things progress and if I get organized I might even manage to get some photos of the move uploaded.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

...Belfast and London in the same week

Last week was a bit mad, but definitely a fun week. I had a brief but wonderful visit to Belfast on Tuesday night. Dad was being installed as the Arch Deacon (Demon) for Down Cathedral and the whole family was descending on Belfast for the night. Also as an added bonus my Auntie had flown in from Canada for the event. We had a wonderful evening meeting up with old friends and the service went very well.

Sadly on my return I got a cold and spent the rest of the week feeling sorry for myself. But then we had a wonderful idea about heading down to London for the bank holiday weekend. Ali and Michael were happy to have so we drove down on Friday night. We had a super weekend with the whole family. The girls have got really big since we were last there so it was nice to see them. Lottie is a little lady now, pottering around the house in all sorts of fancy dress, making tea in her cottage and generally making us laugh. Hannah is now really animated and still as smiley as ever.

Now its back to work for another week, although thankfully a short one. House packing begins in earnest this weekend as it is hopefully only 2.5 weeks til we move. Exciting times ahead.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Brumby's not sure what to think..

This is an interesting quiz and although I ran through it fairly quickly I'm still not sure what to think of the result. At least my mum will be proud and happy to know that I have a Methodist side!

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Reformed Evangelical


Neo orthodox








Roman Catholic


Classical Liberal


Modern Liberal


What's your theological worldview?
created with

You scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan. You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God's grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.

What's your theological worldview?
created with

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brumby questions the importance of blogging...

I'm not really sure why I write this blog, nor am I sure why many other people write theirs. However there are many blogs out there that are primarily aimed at providing us with information that we find relevant to our lives. In particular I am talking about Christian blogs (of which there are many). There are a few that I read on almost a daily basis and find that what they have to say is often an encouragement or a challenge. I am finding more and more now that I am likely to pick up my laptop to browse the internet than pick up a book and curl up on the sofa. Of course there is nothing wrong with this but recently I have been questioning the use of my time. My way, in part, of addressing my use of time is to spend my time on the internet reading these blogs that at times are like mini sermons. I do however love checking the news headlines and reading friends blogs and going on bebo to see what friends have been up to.

So i still don't know why I write mine but I want to thank all the people who continue to write their blogs to help and encourage other people.

Monday, April 23, 2007

...the weekly weight in

Yipee!!!....I've lost 2lbs, which I think is pretty great since I had a weekend of bad food that I couldn't avoid. And my BMI is now 23.4 :)

Had a great weekend even though I did slip up a little on the food. Pilco and I cleared the garage in preparation for the move, its amazing how much junk we have gathered in only 2 years! But it felt good to start the clearing and packing.

Saturday night we went out for dinner at the home of a lovely couple from Church, it was really lovely to get to know them a little better and learn more about the Church.

Sunday was a super day. Church was followed by a Church lunch and then a Q&A for our potential new Assistant Pastor. We are now desperately looking forward to moving down and getting more involved.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

...rabbit food

Lunch for the next 6 weeks :(

We're out for dinner on Sat night and we have a church lunch on Sunday and I'm worried about my dietry requirements. I'll just have to do my best and eat what I can without being rude or offending anyone.

The diet is not good when you wnat to have a social life, unless nice people like Jess come for tea (shes also on the Juice Diet).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

...the Juice Detox/Diet

Computer just crashed after a lengthy description of my juice diet, so sadly you are now getting the short short version.

-I have a wedding in 6 weeks
-need to look super sexy
-need to lose at least a stone!!
-juice diet works a treat
-juice for breakfast, salad for lunch, fish/chicken and veg for tea
-no carbs, no dairy, no alcohol

Sorry I've had to crop the text but gotta go work. I'll keep you posted on the weekly weight in's.

The green juice that my colleagues think looks like liquidized Kermit!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I know it's been a while, but I'm a busy girl....most of the time. Easter is a special time for our family, especially when we remember the significance of Jesus dying for us and then being raised to life. How wonderful and humbling that he would do that for us. We had a lovely long weekend at home in Belfast with my family. It was also mums birthday so double celebrations. We didn't do our usual mad dash to see alot of friends and just had a relaxing time with family and a few friends, it was a really nice time and just the break we needed.

On Easter Monday Pilco's brother came over to visit us with his new girl friend, she's lovely!!! and we all had a great evening.

Back to work on Tuesday, yuck, it was far to sunny outside to be at work. So on Saturday we took ourselves off to Arley Hall for a stroll in the grounds following buy a little tub of ice cream. We then decided to go out for tea and treat ourselves, after all you're only young once...super day.

Me at the Tea Cottage

Pilco in a tree!

That's about it, I'll try not to leave such a large gap between my entries in future.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday 2nd April

I was in London at the weekend with 3 of my friends from Uni. We try to meet up once a year and have a girlie weekend, full of good chat, luxury hotels, good food and a show. Although we haven't done it for a while this weekend was as good as expected. We stayed in the Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch, a very luxurious hotel with excellent service. All four of us were as exhausted as each other so we spent a relaxing weekend chatting and stolling along Oxford Street. On Saturday night we went to see 'Avenue Q' which is a puppet show for adults, it was hilarious. All in all it was a lovely weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday 29th March

I thought this made for very good reading and was a welcome reminder of how I should be living.

On a completely different note I want to wish Smurph a very happy birthday!!!

Off to London tomorrow for a girlie weekend of chatting, chatting and more chatting, think we might try and fit in a show aswell. Had a mad week at work trying to get drawings finished and also outside of work sorting out house stuff, but everything seems to be moving in the right direction.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday 25th March

Yipee!! Our offer has been accepted and we finally have a house. Now I know that things aren't always that smooth and things in England aren't as easy as in Scotland but we continue to pray that if this is Gods will then everything will go as planned. Tomorrow we start to put things in motion and if all goes to plan we could be in our new house by the end of May :)

What a wonderful weekend

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday 24th March

Well if I thought last week was a bad week, then it was nothing compared to this week. Firstly I went back to work and felt like I was treading water for a few days whilst I tried to catch up on the week I had missed. We had an important meeting this week at work and even though I knew my project leader was off I knew that the Director was coming to the meeting with me. That was until he told me on Wednesday that he wouldn't be going....meaning I would have to not only attend this meeting but chair it and explain all the projects by myself. I didn't sleep too well on Wednesday night and had a long nervous morning. But thankfully with a lot of people praying the meeting went well and I don't think I said anything too stupid.

As if that wasn't bad enough, we got the dreaded call from our landlord on Monday saying that they had accepted an offer on the house we are renting and we would have to be out in 2 months. Fear and panic set in as we have still not been able to find a house yet. Never one to give in we trawled the property website and found the last 9 houses with 2-3 of them being serious contenders. We had decided that this Saturday we were going to find a house and buy it. Failing that Plan B would have to kick in and neither of us wanted to have to rent again.

So after a worrying week we set off this morning nervous and excited :) About half way through the day we had only seen one house that we liked and sadly it was at the top end of our budget. One of the houses we thought was a possibility was awful, so we plodded on in the hope that the other 2 would be better. Then I received a call from an estate agent saying that a new house had been added and would we like to see it. Now, normally when we get these calls we say no thanks and have a look at it on the internet first (they usually are horrible), but since this was are last weekend of looking I thought 'Why not'. So it was arranged to be our last viewing of the day, but to be honest we thought nothing of it because we still had 2 other possible houses to see. Sadly one of them was in a not great location but we would have compromised and bought it if all else failed. Then we went to see our last possibility (which we had seen before and knew we liked). This one was to be a real winner as the owners weren't in a chain, however upon arrival they informed us that their chain had fallen through only 3 weeks ago. We left this house very low and thinking that Plan B was far too close for comfort.

So two little sad people entered the last property which looked nothing special from the front and maybe a little too small, but once we entered the house and saw the amazing view out the back to open fields and farm land we almost instantly fell in love with it. Everything about this house was perfect...the location, the views, the interior. I suppose the only downside was that it was smaller than some other properties we have seen. But as the reality of the situation set in we knew that we could make this into a lovely family home and although we wouldn't live here forever it would be a great little home for the next 4-5 years.

On the drive home we had a mixture of relief and excitement. We both loved it but worried that we were being pushed into it. However by the time we got home we knew it was the one and we have put in an watch this space.

It was an amazing answer to prayer and it's great to see God's hand in this whole process. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us. Points for continuing prayer would be that the offer is accepted, the whole process goes smoothly and that the timing works out with us leaving our rented accommodation.

Thanks you

The View

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday 20th March

Below is a map showing all the countries I have ever visited. What a priviledge to have have been able to do this. Check it out for yourself.

create your own visited country map
or check our Venice travel guide

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday 4th March

What a week it's been! I've been off all week sick and spend most of it in bed. Thankfully I am now feeling much more like myself and was able to entertain Cheryl and James last night. We had a great time watching the Rugby (until Ireland were stripped of the title) and playing the PlayStation. Both Cheryl and I have become a little obsessed with Bebo, its a great way to meet up with your friends and people you haven't been in touch with for a while. Check out my Bebo page (link below). It was great to see them again and we are looking forward to getting up to Glasgow to see their new house :)

Another unsuccessful weekend of house hunting has left Phil and I feeling rather deflaited but we are encouraged to know that lots of people are praying for us and we know that in Gods time we will find the right house were we can serve him. Sadly I may have to come down off my Architectural soapbox and buy a NEW BUILD, my most dreaded thought. But if it means we can get moved to Sandbach sooner and become more involved in our Church then maybe thats what we'll have to do.

Well work tomorrow, not really looking forward to it cause I have to do a weeks worth of work in a morning so that some drawings can be couriered over to the planners prior to our meeting later in the week. I think it'll be a few late nights this week until I catch up, not ideal when i'm still totally exhausted!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday 13th March

Had a pretty rough day. Was sick during the night and took the day off work...still feeling poorly, poor me! We had a great weekend in London but I fear the coughing of my two little nieces has infected me with the Balham flu :( I'm hoping I'll be better by tomorrw as work is mad busy at the moment and I have too much to do to be sick.

Our lovely friends Cheryl and James are coming to visit us this weekend so I am very excited about that. It'll be nice to catch up although I seem to have seen alot of Cheryl recently.

Until I feel a little better, bye.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday 9th March

Phil and I have been lucky enough to take a well earned day off work today and we decided to come down to London for the weekend to visit Ali (Phils big sis), Michael and their too adorable little girls. We arrived late last night after a busy, long day at work and had a nice lie in til 9 this morning. Ali has entrusted the care of her two little angels into our care whilst she goes and does all the adult things she never normally gets to do, like getting her hair cut. At the moment they are both sleeping peacefully but I'm not convinced it'll last. We love coming down here to visit as it's always so laid back and we just chill out and enjoy spending time with family.

oohhhh no.....the crying has started, must go!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday 6th March

Thought I was having a nice quiet night in until Phil informed that Andy and Kentin were coming round for tea and to watch the FOOTBALL!! They seem to be enjoying it and keep shouting at the TV. I made a great impromptu tea of enchillada's, it was was good even if I do say so myself.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday 4th March

Just back from a lovely weekend in Whitby. We arrived late on Friday night and had fish and chips for tea...always my favourite past time in Whitby. Saturday was spent catching up with Phils Mum, hanging pictures in her new house and going for a walk on the pier. It was the most glorious day and we enjoyed walking with the sun beating down on our heads. We went out for a gorgeous meal at a local viallge pub in Egton on sat night. Excellent food, if you are ever over that direction I can highly recommend the 'Postgate'.

Today is Phils Mums birthday so after Church we went to the manse for Lunch with Jean and Andy. Andy had come over as a welcome surprise for his Mum. In the afternoon we had the privaledge of attending the baptismal service of 3 members of the Whitby Church and 1 member of the Pickering Church. What a joyful occasion and it was especially nice to see Roy Kemp being baptised.

We are home now and hoping to get to bed early before another week at work. Thankfully only a 4 day week as we are off to London on Thursday night. Can't wait to see my little nieces.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday 1st March

After a little bit of thought, not much cause it hurts, I've decided to start my own blog. I'm sure with most things I do,, I'll get really into it for a while and then it'll fade into the background as more importnat things take over. But hey, we'll give it a try.

I got my new much loved car this weekend, although it doesn't have a CD player, but hopefully phil will buy me one as an early Birthday present. Cheryl (who came to see me this weekend), Phil and I went along to the Church quiz night and had a great time chatting to mostly new people. We then came home and whilst Phil watched Match of the Day, Cheryl and I chatted into the wee hours of the morning. I miss Cheryl and James now that we have moved so far away from them.

I am writing this blog on my newly aquired work laptop which has wireless internet connection, so no more cold nights working in the spare bedroom. I can now work from the comfort of my own living room, with my favourite TV shows on in the back ground. What more could a girl want.

This weekend we are off to Whitby to see Phils mum for her birthday. Really need to get her a card and a pressie tomorrow lunch time!! As always we are keeping ourselves busy and still looking for houses, even more so know as the house we liked has been taken off the market much to our dismay. We trust and pray our new house is out there somewhere so we can stop travelling to Church and get more involved in the mid week activites.