Wednesday, February 27, 2008

... a free meal and a mad weekend in London

It's hard to believe that on the 19th Feb 1998 Phil and I went on our first date. What a wonderful 10 years we've had, we've experienced so much together and grown in our love for each other every day. To celebrate we went out for dinner at a local restaurant. We had a lovely night reminiscing and then to our delight we were informed by the manager that on a wed night they have a raffle and one table wins a free meal. WE WON!!! It's totally irrelevant that we were the only people in the restaurant!!

We then headed down to London on Thursday night to spend the weekend with Ali and Michael and our nieces and nephew. This was the first time that we had met little Sam so we were very excited. He's an absolutely adorable little boy. We also had lots of fun playing with the girls. Hannah is now walking and just potters around the house minding her own business. Lottie is full of chat and likes to give you a running commentary on everything she is doing.

It was also lovely in the evenings when all the little ones were sleeping to chill out with Ali and Michael, eat nice food and put the world to rights. It was a really special weekend for many reasons and we want to thank Ali and Michael for everything :)

Lottie, Hannah and Sam with their favourite Auntie (ok, so I'm their only Auntie but that's not the point)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

... a week at home alone, and survived!

This past week Phil has been in Barcelona with work, he tells me that it was hard work and long days, but he was in Barcelona eating nice food and not in the office. Some people have all the fun. I one the other hand was at home, working!! I did however disprove some of Phil's theories.

Theory 1: That I steal the duvet....the duvet has remained in the same place all week and hardly needed me to make the bed when I got up in the morning. I conclude that Phil gives me the duvet during the night :)

Theory 2: That I trash the house....the house was tidied on Monday night and stayed tidy all week. I conclude that Phil finds my stuff and throws it round the house to make it look like I trashed the house.

Theory 3: That I'm allergic to the bin...I had to put the bin out whilst he was away AND put the recycling out. I conclude that I don't like this job and would rather Phil did it, which he does graciously.

Phil did however miss that all important commercial event that we never even celebrate..Valentines Day. So to make up for it he brought me home some lovely presents from Barcelona. I was expecting perfume from the airport but he excelled himself and brough this home for me instead....

If you have good eyesight you can read that the heart shaped cookie says 'Mobile World Congress 2008' and the bottle of champers was about the be thrown out!! It's the thought that counts :)

Phil is now home and although he's tired its been great to catch up properly and spend some time together.

I noticed that my video of Stricty Come Dancing Live didn't work, so here are a few photos. Sorry they are so far away.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

... Strictly Come Dancing Live!

On Saturday night Phil took me to see my favourite TV show live. He bought me tickets for Christmas and I have been very excited waiting to go. The show was absolutely fab, just like to the TV show. There were nine celebraties and pro dancers, each competing for the glitter ball trophy. Each dancer did a latin and a ballroom dance, scored by the judges and then the audience got to phone in and vote. As much as I love Darren Gough, on the night I wanted Louisa Litton to win. Goughy won so I wasn't too disappointed. We had a brill night and even though it felt like we were on a Saga holiday, I still want to go next year!